pink trees

I am currently in Portland, Oregon.

It’s the perfect place to clear my head. I needed out of San Diego, bad.

I kind of love it here. It’s amazingly beautiful. This city kind of suits me.

Not to mention I’m staying with one of my favorite people. It’s nice.




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5 responses to “Portland.

  1. I’m moving there in June! I ❤ it

  2. Megan (merry prankster)

    I have only been in Portland for less than an hour and I already love it too! Its so pretty and there are my kind of people everywhere!!

  3. Welcome to town, the weather has been spectacular the past few days. I guess you brought it up with you. Hope you enjoy your stay.

  4. 2

    It’s raining right now. Really strange isn’t it? Just this morning I told you that yesterday was hot, now it’s raining.

    You’re better off in Portland!

  5. Former SD'in

    I’m from SD….moved to Portland 10 years ago. It’s a great city. I think you would love it here.
    I’ve traveled all over the country and it’s one of the nicest places I’ve been.

    There are a ton of great artists, photographers and writers here. The scene is very supportive.

    Good luck!

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