In Search of Starlight

in search of starlight

So we sat on the beach as strangers, two feet apart.
Two people brought together in the strangest of ways.
Both too scared to make the first move.
When the conversation ran out we turned to the sky in search of starlight
And there was none.
We ended the night with thoughts of opportunities missed.

A week later we returned to the same place.
She kissed me soft and sweet
And for a moment I was lost.
The sky was full of stars,
But I couldn’t bring myself to stare.

I had already found the starlight I looked for that first night.
It was in her all along.
I was just too afraid to look.




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8 responses to “In Search of Starlight

  1. Ashley

    so very adorable. finding that starlight in another instead of the sky has to be the best feeling ever, and i’m glad you found it. Who ever she may be, she’s a seriously lucky girl.

  2. Beautiful.
    You can actually find a whole universe inside the one you love.

    I hope you’re happy. And I wish you the best.

    And I have to agree with Ashley…. She’s the luckiest girl on earth, I’m sure the stars are all jealous.

    Tons of kisses!

  3. it’s funny how people move in and out of your life, sometimes returning for you to meet them all over, but always with that deja vu…. it’s lovely xelia

  4. Angel Luna

    This is the most beautiful thing I’ve read in a long while, it really captures the innocence of love, and I hope this starlight you’ve found doesn’t ever go out.

  5. Mav

    Love this pic. Love the poem. Could have said all that on flickr. But the main thing I wanted to say is what I keep meaning to say over here. I REALLY love the fact that you have a signature on every blog. Very cute. Very Xelia.

  6. Jess(DrakulDragon)

    thank you for this…im having one of those bad relationship days…and this just made me stop and remember……

  7. danielle

    This is exciting to all of us out here, as it is to you.
    More you though.
    Good to hear that there’s a stirring in your tummy from such emotions. Thanks for keeping us all in the loop/
    Happy Birthday dear. This will be a big year. What year isn’t for you. lol.

    huggs from Chicago.

  8. perry

    this is talent

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