About Xelia

Xelia in Julian

I’m Xelia.

20 year old college student.

Allergic to everything.

Tattooed and pierced.

Cupcake lover.

Self-portrait artist to the extreme.

Openly lesbian (and single)

You can find me on:

Flickr. • Twitter. • Myspace. • ModelMayhemlast.fm

Questions? Concerns? Just want to say what’s up?

email me at:   lovexelia [at] gmail [dot] com

Photo of me in the header is by the lovely Kim Olson.


6 responses to “About Xelia

  1. Lance

    I stumbled on a pic from your previous 365 (366 actually – leap year) project. I looked at a few other pics in the series and started reading your comments and then…
    …I couldn’t stop. It all seemed very real, raw, honest and vulnerable. It was like poetry. I had to go to the beginning and look at it all.

    Then I was dissapointed to see that you started another 365 of self-portraits. You just finished one and you did it very well. You don’t need to do that again.

    I challenge you to do a 365 with NO SELF PORTRAITS. Grow. Be an artist. You obviously have the talent.

    Post something every day. Write about it. But show us how you are feeling without using your face and your body. Find people and things in the world around you that convery how you feel. Show us an image of what inspires you, what moves you, what causes you to feel the way you do so we can see if it affects us the same way.

    Instead of showing the beauty and the ugliness in you – you through your own eyes (which is always a terrible distortion) – show us the world through your eyes. Show us the beauty and the ugliness you see and you experience. When there is ugliness in your world, see if you can find the beauty in it. And help us to see it, too.

    Your blog is called Change is good. So change! Stop being so intraspective. Spend less emothion on yourself and more on the people around you, your friends, family, and the rest of your world. Show that in your photos.

    People who spend too much time thinking about themselves, at best, become self-centered and boring (I’m not saying you are – I don’t know you. But if you spend too much of yourself on you, you will be – and there won’t be enough you left for the people you love.). And at worst, too much introspection makes you feel isolated, lonely and depressed.

    What I loved most about your 366 is that I could see how strongly you were feeling everything. Poetry is for the young. When you are young, you feel a lot more. Every emotion you feel, you feel much more strongly. Everything effects you more deeply. Everything is more important. Even though the pain is much more intense, the joy is also much stronger. I could see that and feel that when I looked at your project.

    I found your 366 when I was looking for photos of the San Diego fires to share with my family. (We evacuated, too.) I found your “City on Fire” photo. Then I looked at the rest of them.
    What I loved about your 366 is that I could feel the strength of you emotion. I had this intensity of emotion when I was younger. As I got older, things seemed less important. I didn’t feel as much. It was as though the world had been watered down. That’s why I so enjoyed feeling the emotion in your photos and comments.

    Now I have children – and having them in my life has given back to me that intensity of emotion. That sense of importance in every moment. It’s not the same as when I was young, because my raw emotion is tempered with wisdom. It’s much better.

    But thank-you for your 366. Thank-you for reminding me of what it was like to be young.

    Now go do another one. Give me something else, something new. No photos of you.

  2. D'Anna

    I have to say I agree with Lance and must say he had some solid ideas and challenges for you. That’s one good thing about “getting older”, with it comes wisdom and from some, good advice. Take care and God Bless You!

  3. Kelly

    I disagree with Lance. You are clearly an artist. You have a clear voice, that is unique. You clearly have a direction that is all your own. I just discovered your flickr site today.

  4. Tej

    Hi Xelia,
    Nice blog and photos. Keep it up!
    Love you!

    do reply pls!

  5. alila

    it is very nice one.

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